Cerebrate roadmap

Cerebrate roadmap is based on requirements from our use-cases and users actively using the platform.

What will influence the roadmap

  • immediate requests for improvements
  • longer term projects / collaborations that fund our development efforts
  • requirements from the various sectorial / regional user groups

Short-term roadmap

  • Fixing reported issues to existing features
  • Flesh out some of the partial functionality already present

Mid-term roadmap

  • Include sharing group blueprints and inheritance model from MISP
  • Mailing integration
  • Individual/organisation capability taxonomies as requested by different users
  • Rework of the codebase in terms of extracting shared parts with the upcoming MISP version into separate submodules

Funding and influencing the roadmap

If your organisation is looking for new functionalities in Cerebrate or other support services similar to the MISP Professional Services offerings, they can be requested by contacting us via