Cerebrate v1.20 released with various bugs fixed

New Features

  • Metafield Restrictions: Not enforced on an edit that doesn’t change the state of the offending value.
    • If a user is already over the limit of a restriction, they should still be editable.


  • Encryption Keys: Listed for organizations and individuals on their respective views. (Fixes #167)
  • Dashboard Redirects: To individual models now sort by modified by default.
    • The dashboard shows new entries, making it logical to sort the list based on changes.
    • Small fix to avoid sanitizing index URLs, ensuring multiple query parameters work correctly.


  • Alignments: Rules relaxed. (Fixes #164)
    • Site admins can add alignments to anyone.
    • Organization admins can add alignments for their own organization members.
    • Group admins can add alignments for any of their managed organization’s members.
  • Authkeys: Allow for authkeys with no expiration set. (Fixes #169)
  • Authkey Add: Ensure default to expiration=0 if not provided.
  • Encryption Keys: Allow for large keys.
  • Setting Cerebrate: Enforce debug setting to be true or false.