Cerebrate version 1.4 released - the open source companion to ISACs, CSIRTs and SOCs

Cerebrate version 1.4 released - OpenAPI integration, improvements and many fixes

We are happy to announce the 1.4 release of Cerebrate, a stability and bug-fix release resolving a long list of issues that have plagued Cerebrate so far.

Integration test

This release adds the first revision of the CI suite developed by @righel, allowing us to catch and remediate regressions before they would get merged to the main branch. Expect further tuning and improvements to this suite with most releases going forward from this point on.

API documentation

OpenAPI integration and descriptions directly available via the UI.


A long list of fixes, affecting most subsystems, from API, through local tools all the way to the configuration settings. Massive thank you to Dawid Czarnecki from Zigrin Security, who is conducting a penetration test of Cerebrate and was kind enough to report any bugs that he ran into during his extensive testing. We would also like to thank The Luxembourg Armed Forces (LAF), for funding the testing and helping us ensure the reliability and security of our tooling.

Cerebrate is the core software component of the MeliCERTes project, aiming to support the pan-european information exchange and collaboration of the CSIRT community. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under Connecting Europe Facility.

For more details of changes in the Cerebrate changelog.

For more information, you can visit the cerebrate project website. You can also follow the MISP and Cerebrate Twitter account. Contact CIRCL for partnerships, ideas and feedback.